The mother behind Petit Lapin Foundation

Notary by trade and  owner of Pâtisserie Petit Lapin, Viviane Nguyen is, before everything else,  a mother of two beautiful boys, including one, Ethan, with more than thirty severe food allergies. Challenged on a daily basis by the reality of being a working parent with a multi-allergic child, Viviane understands too well the difficulties and challenges that families with children afflicted by food allergies and intolerances face and therefore, she wants to help them with all her heart.


A pioneer in the world of allergy free and gluten free desserts in Quebec – Viviane quickly realized that none of the bakeries in Quebec, and even in Canada and the United States, could make a birthday cake for her son, given his multiple food allergies. After numerous researches and experimentations, she came up with her own recipe and Ethan had his birthday cake that was not only gorgeous and safe, but also delightful. Ethan's big smile was contagious and his joy was obvious in that moment. Viviane wanted to share this joy with all the parents in Quebec facing the same reality as hers and her idea led to the opening of the first bakery without the top 10 allergens, gluten free and vegan in Quebec and Canada on march 2014: Pâtisserie Petit Lapin. Petit Lapin means Little Bunny in English and it comes from Ethan being born in the year of the rabbit according to chinese astrology.


Reasons leading to Petit Lapin Foundation – Despite Pâtisserie Petit Lapin's success and its overwhelming public's response over the last few years, something still bothered Viviane. The initial reason for the bakery's existence was to allow all the parents in Quebec with children facing food allergies and intolerances to have the option to give their child a birthday cake that is not only gorgeous, but also tasty and safe. The bakery did allow that option, but not all parents could afford the cake given its higher price compared to regular cake, due to the quality of the ingredients which are inspected rigorously. Confronted to this problem, the idea of Petit Lapin Foundation took place, its mission being to provide a free birthday cake to all children with multiple food allergies or celiac disease. The concept of ''A Child, A Cake, A Smile'' was born. The joy of seeing one's child eat a dessert for the first time with a big smile is indescribable and so precious. This happiness has to be shared with all according to Viviane.





Our mission

The main mission of Petit Lapin Foundation is to allow every child with food allergies or celiac disease to have a cake on the day of his or her birthday.


Research aiming to find a cure to food allergies is encouraging. However, that will happen in the future and we tend to forget the present. We believe that the happiness of a child is in the present and a birthday without a cake is not a birthday. Children grow up so fast and we shouldn't neglect the present moment. Regardless of the child being allergic to dairies, eggs, nuts or other allergens or its medical condition restricting him or her to certain foods, such as celiac disease, he or she deserves to have a birthday cake like any other child. No child should feel left out, especially on his or her birthday.


Allergy free cakes are more expensive than regular ones, sometimes 2.5 times more, and, unfortunately, not all families can afford them. Therefore, Petit Lapin Foundation brings these families happiness and hope by giving away a birthday cake for every selected child for his or her birthday. We believe that a child’s smile and childhood memories are precious and we take our mission very seriously.




"A birthday without a cake is not a birthday."

- Viviane Nguyen

Executive Board

" Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. "

- Hellen Keller

Me Viviane


Me Lu Chan


Dre Valérie


President of the Foundation

Notary and owner of Pâtisserie Petit Lapin

Vice-President of the Foundation

President of the Quebec Bar association and lawyer at BELLEMARE, Avocats

Secretary of the Foundation

Pediatrician-gastroenterologist, associate professor at the University of Montreal, director of the pediatric gastroenterology program at CHU Sainte-Justine







Treasurer of the Foundation

Vice-President of Mito Sushi

Board member

Founder and president of Groupe Talentelle

Board member

Regional Vice-President of Arbonne

Selection Criterias


Be a child (between 1 and 17 years old)


Be allergic to at least 2 of the following top 8 allergens:

 - peanuts

 - wheat

 - dairy products

 - mustard

 - nuts

 - eggs

 - sesame

 - soy



OR, have celiac disease and be allergic to at least 1 of the top 8 allergens


Have the form completed and signed by a medical specialist and the child (or one of the parents if the child’s younger than 14 years old)


Send the form at least 2 months before the date of the event



Download the form



Petit Lapin Foundation

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Petit Lapin Foundation

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